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316L Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings
  • 316L Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings
  • 316L Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings
  • 316L Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings
  • 316L Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings

316L Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings

Place of Origin China
Brand Name Sewaly
Certification ISO CE
Product Details
Head Code:
Product Name:
Stainless Steel Pipe Fitting
SUS201,SUS304,SUS316,(SS201 SS304 SS316)
1/4 To 4 Inches
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316L Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings


Forged Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings

Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
Packaging Details
Plywood Cases And Pallets
Delivery Time
3-15 working days
Payment Terms
L/C, D/A, T/T, D/P, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability
Product Description

Threaded 304/316L Stainless Steel Pipe Fitting Plumbing Material Male Female 1/4 Inch


304/304L, 316/316L, 317L, 321, 310S, S31803
Wall Thickness
SCH10, SCH20, SCH40, SCH80, SCH120, SCH160, STD, XS, XXS
Size Range
1/2 to 48 (DN15--DN1200)
ASME/ANSI B16.9, MSS SP-43, DIN 2605, JIS B2313
Surface Treatment
Black paint, Antirust oli, Primary Color
Plywood cases or pallets or according to the requirements of the Customers
Applications Range
Petroleum, chemical, power, gas, metallurgy, shipbuilding, construction, etc.
Special Design
Customized Size

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Product application

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Application of Stainless Steel Couplings in Daily Life

Stainless steel couplings play an essential role in connecting various components, pipes, and equipment in a wide range of industries. Here are some notable applications that highlight their significance:


1. Plumbing Systems: Stainless steel couplings are commonly used in plumbing applications to join pipes, fittings, and fixtures securely. Whether it's in residential homes or commercial buildings, stainless steel couplings ensure leak-free connections and provide long-lasting durability, even in corrosive environments.


2. Automotive Industry: In the automotive sector, stainless steel couplings are utilized to connect various fluid systems, such as fuel lines, brake lines, and cooling systems. The corrosion resistance and high strength of stainless steel make these couplings ideal for withstanding the harsh conditions of engine bays.


3. Food and Beverage Industry: Stainless steel couplings are extensively employed in the food and beverage sector due to their hygienic properties and resistance to corrosion caused by food acids and cleaning agents. They are commonly used to join food processing equipment, conveyors, and piping systems.


4. HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) Systems: In HVAC applications, stainless steel couplings are utilized to connect air ducts and ventilation pipes. The material's corrosion resistance ensures the integrity of the system over time, providing optimal air quality and efficiency.


5. Water Treatment: Stainless steel couplings find essential roles in water treatment plants, where they join various pipes and equipment responsible for filtering, purifying, and distributing clean water.


6. Agricultural Applications: In agriculture, stainless steel couplings are used to connect irrigation systems, ensuring proper water distribution to crops while withstanding exposure to soil, water, and weather conditions.


7. Renewable Energy: In the renewable energy sector, particularly in solar and wind power systems, stainless steel couplings are employed to connect pipelines for transporting fluids, maintaining the efficiency and reliability of these systems.


8. Marine and Offshore Industry: The marine and offshore industry relies on stainless steel couplings to connect pipelines, machinery, and equipment aboard ships, oil rigs, and other marine structures. The material's resistance to saltwater corrosion makes it indispensable in these applications.


9. Construction and Architecture: In construction and architectural projects, stainless steel couplings are used for various applications, including handrails, balustrades, and structural connections. The material's aesthetic appeal and durability add value to the design and functionality of these structures.


10. DIY and Home Repairs: Stainless steel couplings are also commonly used in DIY projects and home repairs, making it easy for individuals to connect and repair plumbing, gas, and other systems safely and effectively.


In conclusion, stainless steel couplings are indispensable components that facilitate seamless connections and enhance the performance and reliability of various systems in our daily lives. Their corrosion resistance, strength, and versatility make them valuable assets in multiple industries and applications.



1. What is the MOQ of the product?
The minimum order for ordinary products is 100 pieces, which is more cost-effective for your freight; while the customized type needs to be determined according to the specific situation.


2. What's the production time or goods ready time?
Normally it takes 3-5 days for normal accessories, usually 15-20 days for customized.


3. Can you provide detailed data or drawings of the products?
It doesn't matter. We have detailed data of the products. Feel free to let us know which accessories you are asking about.


4. Can you print our company name or logo on the product surface?
Of course, we can provide you with company name or logo.


5. Would you mind to provide us the photos and videos of the products?
That's no problem. We have photo tech colleagues to create a set of product photos and videos for use by your associate sales.


6. Could you please update on the situation or any update about the product?
We will update product status and keep in touch.


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