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Company news about can command strips be used on stainless steel ?

can command strips be used on stainless steel ?


Latest company news about can command strips be used on stainless steel ?

When it comes to stainless steel, you can use Command strips in most cases. However, the effectiveness of these strips will depend on the surface type and weight of the item that you plan to mount or attach. With stainless steel you can use the Command strips most of the time, but there are important considerations.

  1. Cleaning the Surface. Prior to applying Command strips, it is crucial to clean any dirt, grease or residue from the stainless steel surface using rubbing-alcohol or similar cleaners. This will result in a solid bond.

  2. Surface Type: The best surfaces for command strips are those with a smooth texture. Stainless steel is available in a variety of textures. To ensure the best adhesion, make sure to have the area that you wish to apply the strip as smooth as possible.

  3. Limit weight: Make sure to check the weight of the Command Stripes you plan on using. As Command strips are available in different sizes and ratings, make sure you choose the ones that will support the weight.

  4. Temperature. Command strips will work best when they are placed in a controlled, indoor environment where the temperature and humidity is moderate. Extreme conditions could affect their adhesion properties.

  5. Following Instructions : Always follow manufacturer instructions when applying or removing the Command strips. This usually requires cleaning the surface before applying the strips to the backs of hooks and hangers. They are then pressed onto the surface while being held in place.

  6. Try First Before you hang anything valuable, test Command strips on a small surface.

In many cases Command strips can also be used with stainless steel surfaces to attach lightweight items, such as small posters or pictures. When mounting heavy items or expensive items, you should use more traditional methods of mounting such as screws or brackets.

The final effectiveness of Command strip on stainless depends on factors, such as the texture or the stainless, the cleanliness or the surface of the metal, and on the weight of whatever you wish to hang. For a solid hold, always use them at the maximum weight specified and follow their instructions.

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