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Company news about can stainless steel pipe be used for potable water ?

can stainless steel pipe be used for potable water ?


Latest company news about can stainless steel pipe be used for potable water ?

Yes, stainless-steel pipe can be utilized for potable or drinking water applications. It's chosen because of its high corrosion resistance, durability and ability maintain water quality. When manufactured and properly installed, stainless steel is a very reliable and safe way to transport potable drinking water.

Consider these key factors when selecting stainless steel pipes for your potable-water systems.

  1. Selection of Grade: Determine the best grade for your application. The most common stainless grades for potable-water systems are 304, also known as 18-8 steel. These grades are popular for their corrosion-resistance and are generally approved for use in drinking water applications.

  2. Certified Quality: Be sure to use stainless steel pipes that meet industry standards. In the United States of America, pipes and fixtures intended for use with potable water should comply with NSF/ANSI Standard 61. Standard 61 verifies whether materials do not leach into water harmful substances.

  3. Installation Guidelines: Implementation guidelines are important to ensure a leak-free installation and prevent contamination. Use fittings, connectors and other components designed for water systems.

  4. Maintenance Maintain and inspect the potable-water system regularly to maintain its integrity. For proper maintenance, flush the system regularly to prevent stagnant waters and bacterial development.

  5. Testing the Water Quality: Periodically monitor the water's quality to determine if the stainless pipes are contributing to the degradation. This is especially true in areas with a high water chemistry.

  6. Avoid Contaminants Be vigilant about contaminants that can come into contact water through plumbing, such as copper or lead components in older systems. Ascertain that your system is compliant to current regulations.

Stainless Steel is highly resistant against corrosion, rust, scaling and scalding, making it a good choice for water systems in which maintaining the water's quality is crucial. Proper design, material choice, and system installation are essential to ensure safety and performace of the system. Consult the local building code and regulations before installing any potable system. You may also want to hire a plumber or engineer who is familiar with these codes.

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