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Company news about Do You Need Tube Ovality, Concentricity or Eccentricity

Do You Need Tube Ovality, Concentricity or Eccentricity


Latest company news about Do You Need Tube Ovality, Concentricity or Eccentricity

OVALITYThe OD of a tubular section or the difference between its maximum and minimal dimensions can be determined by carefully measuring both the high and the low points. The ovality spread is the range of dimensions that must be within, both for maximum OD as well as minimum OD. When a tube, pipe is bent it becomes oval instead of round. Ovality is the flattening from the bent and is taken into accounts when calculating a bend.

In many applications, a high degree of concentricity is preferable to a high degree of ovality. Tube concentricity should be closely monitored for parts requiring a high level of precision. The concentricity can be defined as the difference between the thickness of the tubes. If a tube needs to fit in another then concentricity can be crucial. Then, before requesting quotes, tell the engineers the end result that you're looking for. The OD, concentricity and ID of a tube that is to be inserted into an opening will need specifics.

Gasses and fluids flowing through a tubing may not have a problem with concentration. In such a case, the wall's thickness could be of paramount importance. The wall thickness is determined by the pressure that the liquid or the gas will exert on the tube.

It is an eccentric tube when the ID or OD is located in a different location than the center. This means that the 2 dimensions of the tube are not concentric. It is possible to check the eccentricity of a tube by measuring its wall thickness in each cross section.

You can order your tubing by considering its concentricity or eccentricity. Sewaly's top ten tips can help you order tubing.

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