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Company news about does stainless steel conduct electricity ?

does stainless steel conduct electricity ?


Latest company news about does stainless steel conduct electricity ?

Yes, it does conduct electricity. However, its conductivity is not quite as good or as efficient as that of metals such a copper and aluminum. Electrical conductivity of steel is affected by its composition, and the specific alloy. In general, stainless has a lower electrical resistance due to the alloying materials added to it. These include chromium, nickel and other elements.

These alloying materials, especially nickel and chromium contribute to the formation of an oxide layer that is passive on stainless steel's surface. This layer of oxide provides corrosion resistance but also reduces its electrical conductivity when compared with pure metallic materials like copper and aluminum.

Stainless steel has a number of uses in the electrical and electronics industry, but when high conductivity is important, it should not be chosen. Such applications often choose metals like copper or aluminum that have higher electrical conductivity. But stainless steel is highly valued in environments without a major concern for electrical conductivity.

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