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Company news about how to cut stainless steel pipe

how to cut stainless steel pipe


Latest company news about how to cut stainless steel pipe

The tools and methods you can use to cut stainless pipe will depend on your individual needs. Here are common methods for cutting stainless pipe:

  1. Angle Grinder

    • Use an edge grinder with a stainless-steel cutting wheel.
    • Mark your cutting line with chalk or a marking pen.
    • Wear safety gear such as safety eyewear and gloves.
    • Securing the pipe into a vice, or clamp will prevent it from moving.
    • The angle grinder should be started and the markings carefully followed to make the cut. Apply even pressure to the grinder and move it smoothly along the marked line.
  2. Hacksaw:

    • Mark the line for cutting the stainless pipe.
    • Use a hacksaw blade with fine teeth made of stainless steel.
    • Secure the tube in a vice, or clamp it firmly.
    • Make a shallow cut along the marked mark.
    • When sawing, use a steady and consistent pressure.
  3. Pipe Cutter

    • Rent or buy a stainless steel pipe cutting tool designed specifically for the material.
    • Place the pipe cutting wheel on the line.
    • Rotate pipe cutter to tighten pipe as you rotate.
    • Continue rotating the pipe while tightening it.
  4. Reciprocating Sword:

    • Use a reciprocating sword with a bimetal blade or a carbide blade for stainless steel.
    • Mark the cutting lines on the pipe.
    • Secure the tube in a vice, or clamp it firmly.
    • Use the saw to carefully cut the lines marked.
  5. Plasma Cutter

    • If you own a plasma cutting machine, it is possible to cut stainless steel in a precise and clean manner.
    • Mark the cutting lines on the pipe.
    • Install the Plasma Cutter according to the instructions from the manufacturer.
    • The plasma cutter should be guided along the line marked to make a cut.
  6. Waterjet Cutting (Professional Service):

    • If you want precise and high-quality cut, then a waterjet cutting service is the best option. These companies use water and abrasive substances to cut stainless-steel with extreme precision.

Prioritize safety before cutting stainless pipe. Work in an airy area, wear protective gear, and avoid sparks or hot metal. Ensure the tools and cutting knives are appropriate for cutting stainless to ensure clean and precise cuts.

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