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Company news about how to get dents out of stainless steel ?

how to get dents out of stainless steel ?


Latest company news about how to get dents out of stainless steel ?

Some basic tools and techniques can help improve the appearance minor dents. You can try this method.

Materials & Tools You'll Require:

  1. Hard Rubber Mallet If you want to prevent further corrosion of the stainless steel, use a soft rubber hammer.
  2. Blocks Of Wood: To help evenly distribute the force, place a block or wood on the dent.
  3. Cleaning stainless steel with soapy water or alcohol: Cleanse the stainless before and after removing the dent.
  4. Clean Cloth/Towel: for cleaning and sanitizing the area.
  5. Boiling Stainless Steel: Use boiling water to heat stainless steel to remove larger dents.


  1. Clean Surface: Wipe away any dirt, debris or rubbing alcool from the dented surface using soapy water. Be sure to dry it completely and make sure that the surface is clean.

  2. Heating the Dent. (Optional, for Larger Dents.) Try using boiling water on larger dents and those that may be difficult to get to. Pour boiling water onto the dented spot and let it rest for a few moments. The heat makes the metal more malleable.

  3. Use Wood Blocks and a Rubber mallet: Lay the wood block on the dent. Then, gently tap the block with the rubber hammer. Start with a light tap and increase it as needed. Work from the outer edges of the dent to the center.

  4. Check on Your Progress: Periodically monitor the dent's progress. Avoid over-stretching the stainless steel by not using too much force.

  5. Continue as necessary: In the case of a shallow dent, it might be relatively easy to remove. For deeper dent, you might need to repeat your process several more times. Make sure that you check the progress every time.

  6. Clean Up the Area: Following the successful improvement of the dent you should clean the affected area with rubbing liquor or soapy lukewarm water.

Be aware that this technique is only effective on shallow dents. It is best to leave the repair of deep or complicated dents to professionals. Doing so could cause damage to your metal. It may not be possible to use this method on surfaces that have been highly polished, textured or are highly polished.

It's best to hire a technician or metalworker with experience in stainless-steel repair if you have any doubts about your ability to remove the dent.

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