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Company news about how to stick weld stainless steel pipe ?

how to stick weld stainless steel pipe ?


Latest company news about how to stick weld stainless steel pipe  ?

Stick welding, otherwise known as shielded arc-welding (SMAW), is a technique that can be employed to weld stainless pipe. It requires a few special considerations, however, compared with welding carbon steel. Stainless steel has a higher heat sensitivity and is therefore more difficult for stick electrodes to weld. Here's a guide on how to stick-weld stainless steel pipes:

Material and equipment needed:

  1. Stainless Steel Pipe
  2. Stick welder suitable for stainless Steel
  3. You can use stainless steel electrodes, such as E308, E309 (or E316).
  4. Welding headgear with appropriate color for the welding procedure
  5. Welding gloves
  6. Safety glasses
  7. Grinding tools for preparing joints and cleaning welds
  8. Wire brush for cleaning of the weld surface


  1. Safety Reminders:

    • Safety glasses and welding gloves are essential. Also, a helmet that is shaded appropriately for the welding procedure should be used.
    • If you want to avoid fumes while welding, use a system that exhausts the gases.
  2. Preparation:

    • The stainless steel pipe should be thoroughly cleaned to remove any contaminants.
    • Bevel any edges to create V-shaped grooves for the weld.
  3. Selecting The Right Electrode

    • Choose stainless-steel electrodes according to the type of stainless-steel you are welding.
    • Make sure that the electrodes have been dried and are stored in accordance with the manufacturer's guidelines.
  4. Setup the Welding Machine

    • Adjust the settings (amperage, polarity) of the welding equipment according to the manufacturer's recommendation and the thickness or the stainless-steel pipe.
  5. Welding Technique:

    • Start the arc using the electrode by striking it against the piece of work and quickly pulling it off to create an arc.
    • To ensure consistent welding, you should maintain an even arc. Stick welding stainless can be done by using a slightly drag technique. (Electrode is angled back in the direction it travels).
    • Moving the electrode in an even and controlled motion will ensure a proper fusion.
    • Using the correct settings for amperage and taking frequent breaks to prevent overheating is the best way to avoid excessive heat.
  6. Post-Welding:

    • After the weld is complete, allow the metal to cool slowly and preferably in the presence or shielding gas. This will minimize the chances of oxidation.
    • Wire brush the weld to remove any spatter and slag.
  7. Inspecting Welds:

    • If you find any defects in the weld, such as porosity, cracks or insufficient penetration, inspect it.
    • To achieve the desired level of weld strength, you may need to perform additional passes.

Stick welding stainless-steel can be difficult, due to its high sensitivity. With the right equipment and electrodes you can weld stainless-steel with strength and reliability. Working with stainless can improve your weld skills.

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