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Company news about Precision Stainless Steel Cutting Services

Precision Stainless Steel Cutting Services


Latest company news about Precision Stainless Steel Cutting Services

Over the past few decades, advances in fabrication technology led to the development of precision tube cutting services and deburring, which are necessary for the components that are used in medicine, semiconductors, electronics, and the aerospace industry.

When stainless steel is shaped and cut, burrs are created on the metal surface. They can cause injury to people who are handling it, as well as affect the durability of the product. These burrs could be invisible to the naked human eye and therefore easily overlooked. Nevertheless, they exist and need to be removed. Burrs that remain on metal surfaces over time can cause components to perform poorly. They can result in errors in machining that lead to additional friction and wearing, or even the fracture of parts.


What is Deburring?

Burrs must be removed from metal surfaces to ensure product performance. In the fabrication field, deburring involves removing any unwanted material from metal surfaces. This is done with machinery or specialized tools. Deburring stainless steel components is essential for them to work properly and effectively.


Metals including stainless steel must go through various manufacturing processes before becoming a functional component. Materials undergo machining that can include milling, drilling or turning. All of these operations will leave behind three kinds of burrs - Poisson, rollover and breakout. These imperfections must be removed using the deburring process.


Reasons for deburring

The deburring process is essential for






Durability components

If burrs left on metal parts after they have been formed, it can cause all sorts of issues. These include improper assembly of fasteners or reducing stress cycles, shortening fatigue life, decreasing resistance to fracturing/cracking, increasing stress which can reduce resistance, increased friction, increased heat, static discharges as well as all-around unsafe handling.


Deburring is a way to eliminate the risks components face during manufacturing. The edges of metal can be cleaned and smoothed after forming to prevent hazards and accidents. This also improves product capability and aesthetic appeal.


Deburring Techniques

There are several techniques for ensuring high-quality and burr free finishes on components. Methods for deburring include:


Manual Deburring


Manual deburring method is most common. The method is simple and flexible. Although it's time-consuming, experienced craftsmen should complete the project.


Mechanical Deburring


Mechanical deburring is a method that removes burrs effectively by either grinding off the edge or rolling it into itself. This method provides a superior finish in a fraction as much time as deburring manually.


Electrochemical deburring


The electrochemical machining process (ECM) is used by mass producers to remove burrs from components. This method is also useful for parts that are difficult to access, require precision, or have a hard time being reached. The process is performed by combining electricity with a glycol liquid to dissolve burrs.


Thermal Deburring


Thermal deburring also known as thermal energy method requires explosive gas mixtures to create enough energy to burn burrs. This process targets multiple surfaces to remove difficult and hard-to reach burrs.


Formed components may require further services after deburring and cutting. A typical service for finishing a product is welding, brazing and assembly. A CNC (Computer Numerically controlled) machine is also an option. CNC uses preprogrammed computer programs to dictate the movement and operation of factory equipment. It's known for its accuracy and improved production.


Eagle Stainless provides stainless steel tubing that is cut to precise lengths for use in aerospace, medical applications, semiconductor, electronic devices, and industrial products. We offer tube cutting services and deburring on demand.

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