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Sewaly's Welded and Welded & Drawing Steel as well as Seamless Tube

Stainless steel has many advantages that make it a great material. Its corrosion resistance makes it the perfect material for Medical, Aerospace, Industrial and Aerospace industries. is a great resource to learn about these benefits. Two major categories are available for tubes and pipes, seamless and welded. The difference between seamless and welded tubes is the seam. Seamless pipe is more resistant to pressure, and because it does not have a seam, its strength is the same around the circumference. The seams of welded tube are not visible to the naked-eye and appear seamless. Welded pipes are easier to obtain, more economical and have better concentricity.

Seamless Stainless Steel Tubing

Extrusion, or rotary piercing, is used to produce seamless tube from solid metal bars. Seamless stainless tube is ordered according to specifications that will make it versatile for general use, and ready for certification for more strict requirements. The specifications will ensure that all mechanical property tests are performed, including tensile tests, yield tests, elongation tests as well as flaring and flanging tests.

Welded Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Tubing

Welded Tubes are made from a strip. The strip is formed, rolled and welded. Eagle welded tube must meet high standards in order to be used for various applications. Welded dimensions up to and include 5" O.D. ASTM A -249/A-269 are certified (average wall).

This specification also requires that tensile strength, yield strength, and elongation be tested, along with flaring or flanging. It also includes tests for hardness and flattening.

Welded and drawn tubing is available in sizes up to.202". Sizes available range from.202" (O.D.) to 8", with a wall thickness of.015" to 1". A wall thickness between.015" and 1"

Cold-rolled strips in long coils are rolled up into tubes and passed under a welding head that melts open seam edges to form a fused weld. The weld metal has the exact same analysis as its parent metal. All tubing will be thoroughly inspected before redrawing to ensure that there are no weld flaws or other damage faults.

The welded tubes are then drawn as cold as seamless. Repeated cold drawing and annealing gives it the appearance and quality of seamless tube. It is only possible to detect the welding by using etching or microscopic examination. Cold work, or annealing the metal, causes the area of the welds to recrystallize. This gives the welds mechanical properties and ductility similar to that of the parent.

Available in a variety of sizes, from 5/8” to 4" O.D. Tubing in sizes ranging between 5/8 O.D. The wall thickness can be from.035" to 0.120"

This manufacturing process begins in the exact same way as drawn and welded tubing. Cold-rolled tube is formed from cold-rolled strip and fusion joined without any filler. It is then cold worked selectively in the weld areas and given a complete solution anneal causing this region to recrystallize. Through this controlled processing, weld areas can have strength, ductility, corrosion resistance, or even be superior to parent metals. This similarity in the parent and welding zone structures makes cold worked, anodized tubing uniform and ideal for condenser tubes or other heat exchange applications.

Cold-worked annealed tubes meet the ASTM A-249 requirements, and ASTM A-450 specifications. Mechanical properties minimum requirements are also met by the base and weld metal. These include 75,000-psi-tensile-strength, 30,000-psi-yield-strength and 35%-elongation.

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No matter what you require, quality is essential. Sewaly Stainless began implementing quality management systems back in 2009. Both quality systems, and sustainable manufacturing methods, emphasize efficient resource utilization. Our quality management system helps us achieve sustainability goals through thorough examination of operations, employee empowerment and "right-the-first-time"

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