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Company news about Sewaly is conducting an in-depth special campaign on standardized operation governance

Sewaly is conducting an in-depth special campaign on standardized operation governance


Latest company news about Sewaly is conducting an in-depth special campaign on standardized operation governance

    Recently, Sewaly has launched a special campaign on standardized operations to further advance the "Safety Management Strengthening Year" initiative, aiming to earnestly implement the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping on enhancing safety production.

    This campaign focuses on addressing prominent issues exposed through accidents and on-site inspections, such as personnel engaging in unauthorized risky operations, inadequate identification of safety risks, and ineffective implementation of safety measures. It adheres to a problem-oriented, goal-oriented, and results-oriented approach, deepening the special governance action on standardized operations to resolve current pressing problems.

    To ensure the effectiveness of this special campaign, the company requires all units to elevate their political awareness and strengthen organizational leadership. Careful organization and task allocation to specific departments with close coordination are emphasized to form a cohesive effort. Extensive promotion and guidance, along with full participation of all employees, are emphasized. The use of public opinion channels will be maximized to intensify publicity efforts and seize the opportunity to enhance employees' awareness of risks, continuously improving the implementation of on-site standardized operations. The campaign will strengthen supervision and assessment and impose strict accountability. Those responsible for inadequate planning, implementation, irresponsibility, inaction, or insufficient efforts in the special governance will be held accountable. The company will persistently monitor the campaign through video surveillance and safety inspections, and the progress will be included in the year-end safety performance evaluation. Emphasis will be placed on summarizing the work to consolidate the achievements of the rectification. The initiative will be led by the Safety Management Department, with participation from relevant departments and units, and a monthly work progress meeting will be held.

    The responsible person from the Safety Management Department stated that they will put efforts into this six-month special campaign, with a focus on all employees' participation, in-depth diagnosis, precise strategies, and comprehensive rectification. The aim is to effectively curb the trend of frequent accidents and promote a stable and positive turn in Sewaly's safety production situation.

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