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Company news about what is 18 10 stainless steel ?

what is 18 10 stainless steel ?


Latest company news about what is 18 10 stainless steel ?

18/10 stainless or 304 steel is a type of stainless used in the manufacturing of cookware, flatwares (cutlery), kitchenware and many other applications. The numbers "18", and "10", refer to the percentages in which two important alloying metals are present in the stainless-steel composition.

  1. 18% chrome (Cr). The element is responsible for stainless steel’s high corrosion resistance. Chromium forms an invisible layer on steel's surface called chromium oxide, which is what prevents staining and rust. The higher the chromium level, the more corrosion resistant the stainless steel.

  2. 10% Nickel: Chrome enhances stainless-steel properties. It improves the durability, resistance to heat and cold, and polish of the stainless steel. Nickel enhances the steel’s resistance to corrosion, stains and discoloration.

The "18/10 ratio" indicates a high grade stainless steel alloy, with a relatively large amount of nickel and chrome. This alloy is particularly suited to kitchen and food applications. It's used in stainless steel cookware (including cutlery) and kitchen sinks.

When you see "18/10 steel" or “304 stainless steel” mentioned in product listings, it is usually a durable high-quality steel suitable for use in cooking and food preparation.

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