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Company news about what is 18 8 stainless steel ?

what is 18 8 stainless steel ?


Latest company news about what is 18 8 stainless steel ?

18/8 stainless or 304 steel is an alloy of stainless used in many different applications. This includes kitchenwares, food processing machinery, industrial equipment and more. The numbers “18” and “8” refer to the proportions of two key alloying materials in the composition of stainless steel.

  1. 18% Cr: Chroium is the alloying agent that gives stainless steels their excellent corrosion resistance. It forms protective layers of chromium oxidation on the surface. This prevents rusting. A higher content of chromium generally results in improved corrosion resistance.

  2. 8.2% Nickel (Ni). This is another important ingredient in 18/8 steel. It makes the steel more durable, resistant against extreme temperatures, and has a shiny, polished look. Nickel is important in maintaining the integrity of the steel and its resistance to corrosion.

18/8 stainless metal is used widely in the manufacture of kitchen appliances, cookwares, cutlery sinks and food processing equipment. It is a versatile alloy of stainless steel that has a variety of properties.

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