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Company news about when was stainless steel invented ?

when was stainless steel invented ?


Latest company news about when was stainless steel invented ?

The invention of stainless steel dates back to the early twentieth century. It can be said that several researchers worked independently during this time on various aspects related to metallurgy, alloy composition and other factors.

Harry Brearley (a British metallurgist) was one of those who were instrumental in the creation of stainless-steel. He was working at Brown Firth Laboratories Sheffield in England when he made what is considered to be the first true Stainless Steel. He was working on a gun barrel when he found a steel which resisted staining and corrosion. This was the start of commercial stainless steel production.

Brearley’s discoveries were followed by more research and development into stainless steel alloys. The result was the production and distribution of different grades and kinds of stainless with various properties for various uses.

Harry Brearley discovered stainless steel in 1913, which was the catalyst for its invention. It is now used by a number of industries for its high corrosion resistance, strength, versatility, and durability.

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