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Company news about will stainless steel turn your skin green

will stainless steel turn your skin green


Latest company news about will stainless steel turn your skin green

Stainless Steel is not known for turning your skin green. Stainless is a metal alloy made primarily from iron, chromium and other elements including nickel and molybdenum depending on the particular grade. The chromium found in stainless makes a thin oxide layer which protects the metal surface. It is resistant to staining and corrosion.

The reaction between stainless steel and copper can cause the green discoloration that is commonly associated with jewelry. Usually, it's seen in jewelry made out of copper, bronze, or brass.

Nickel, a component of some stainless-steel alloys, may cause allergies or sensitivities in some people. If you are allergic to nickel, repeated or prolonged contact with stainless-steel jewelry can cause skin irritation.

If you know that metals cause skin reactions or if this is something that has happened to you in the recent past, then it's best to buy stainless steel jewelry marked hypoallergenic. Because it has a lower amount of nickel, this type of stainless is less likely causing skin reactions.

In general stainless steel is non-reactive, safe for most people. Therefore, it is used for many jewelry items and other items in contact with the body. Individual reactions are different, so pay attention and choose materials according to your needs.

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