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10mm Thick Hot Rolled Stainless Steel Sheet No1 SUS304 4x8 Steel Plate
  • 10mm Thick Hot Rolled Stainless Steel Sheet No1 SUS304 4x8 Steel Plate
  • 10mm Thick Hot Rolled Stainless Steel Sheet No1 SUS304 4x8 Steel Plate
  • 10mm Thick Hot Rolled Stainless Steel Sheet No1 SUS304 4x8 Steel Plate
  • 10mm Thick Hot Rolled Stainless Steel Sheet No1 SUS304 4x8 Steel Plate

10mm Thick Hot Rolled Stainless Steel Sheet No1 SUS304 4x8 Steel Plate

Place of Origin China
Brand Name Sewaly
Certification ISO CE
Model Number 304, 304J1, 304L, 309S, 310S, 314, 316, 316L, 316Ti, 321, 347, 370, 405, 409L, 410, 410S, 430, 436, 436L, 439, 441, 443, 904L, S32305
Product Details
Product Name:
Hot Rolled SS Sheet
Customer's Requirement
No.1 / 2E
Natural Color
Processing Service:
Bending, Welding, Decoiling, Punching, Cutting
Building Materials
High Light: 

10mm 4x8 Steel Plate


SUS304 Hot Rolled Stainless Steel Sheet


4x8 Steel Plate SUS304

Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
1 Tons
Packaging Details
Standard shipping packaging / can be customized according to customer needs
Delivery Time
3-15 working days
Payment Terms
L/C, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability
5000 Tons/Month
Product Description

4x8 No1 SUS304 Stainless Steel Sheet 10mm Thick Stainless Steel Plate



Production Flow of Stainless Steel Sheet

To ensure our customers have a clear understanding of our stainless steel sheet production process, we have outlined the steps involved below:

1. Raw Material Preparation: The production process begins with the arrival of raw materials, which are then sent to the hot rolling units. Here, the raw materials undergo rolling processes to achieve different sheet sizes.


2. Annealing and Pickling: After hot rolling, the material proceeds to the cold rolled annealing furnace for annealing, which improves its properties. Subsequently, the sheets are pickled in acid to remove impurities and achieve a clean surface finish.


3. Precision Grinding: All mill rolls undergo precision grinding on specialized grinding machines during the first shift operation. This ensures precise dimensions and smooth surfaces on the finished sheets. Proper chamfering is also applied to the edges for enhanced handling.


4. Pickling and Drying: Following precision grinding, the sheets are pickled once more in different tanks to further remove any remaining impurities. They are then thoroughly dried using a brush roll machine before being prepared for dispatch.



5. Annealing and Straightening: Prior to dispatch, the sheets undergo another round of annealing to further refine their properties. Additionally, they are sent through a straightening machine to ensure they meet the required flatness standards.


6. Quality Inspections: At various stages throughout the production process, meticulous inspections are conducted. Our experienced staff keeps proper control over the internal processes, including rolling, annealing, and pickling, to maintain the highest quality standards.


Our commitment to quality and expertise in stainless steel sheet production ensures that you receive products that meet your specifications and expectations. If you have any further questions or require additional information, please do not hesitate to contact our team.

Thank you for choosing us as your trusted stainless steel sheet supplier.



10mm Thick Hot Rolled Stainless Steel Sheet No1 SUS304 4x8 Steel Plate 0

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Product parameters


Product name Staibnless Steel Sheet
Thickness 0.2-50mm
Length 2000mm, 2438mm, 3000mm, 5800mm, 6000mm, 12000mm,etc
Width 40mm-600mm,1000mm,1219mm,1500mm,1800mm,2000mm,2500mm,3000mm,3500mm,etc
Surface BA/2B/NO.1/NO.4/4K/HL/8K/Embossed
Application Construction,Decoration,Kitchenware,Medical Equipment,Petroleum,etc
Certification ISO,SGS,CE
Technique Cold Rolled/Hot Rolled
Edge Mill Edge/ Silt Edge
Quality Mill Test Certificate supplied with the shipment ,third part inspection is acceptable
Grade(ASTM/UNS) 201,304,304L,321,316,316L,317L,347H,309S,310S,904L,S32205,2507,
Grade(EN) 1.4301,1.4307,1.4541,1.4401,1.4404,1.4571,1.4438,1.4539,1.4547,1.4529,
Main Market Southeast Asia/Europe/South America


Stainless Steel Coil/Sheet/Plate Information
Technique Surface Finish Grade Series Thickness(mm) Width(mm) Application
Main Dimension
20-850 1000 1219 1240 1250 1500 Petro-chemical industry,Tanks
Hot Rolled No.1 / 2E 201/202/ 2.2-12.0   Construction material
Cold Rolled 2B 201/304 0.25-3.0  
410S/430 0.25-2.0      
No.4 / Hairline 201/304 0.22-3.0    
Mirror / Linen  
SB 410S/430 0.25-2.0    
BA 201/304 0.2--1.8      
410S/430 0.25-2.0      



Stainless steel finds a wide range of applications in various industries due to its exceptional properties.

Some of its key applications include:


10mm Thick Hot Rolled Stainless Steel Sheet No1 SUS304 4x8 Steel Plate 1

1. High-temperature and Electric Industry: Stainless steel is extensively used in high-temperature environments, such as power plants and furnaces, due to its heat resistance and strength. Additionally, it is a vital component in the electric industry for its conductivity and corrosion resistance.


2. Medical Devices: Stainless steel's biocompatibility and hygienic properties make it a preferred material for medical instruments and implants, ensuring safety and reliability in healthcare settings.


3. Construction: In the construction sector, stainless steel is utilized for structural elements, cladding, and architectural features, thanks to its durability, corrosion resistance, and aesthetic appeal.


4. Chemistry: Stainless steel is crucial in the chemical industry for its resistance to corrosive substances, making it suitable for storage tanks, pipelines, and chemical processing equipment.


5. Food Industry: Stainless steel's non-reactive surface and ease of cleaning make it an ideal choice for food processing equipment, storage tanks, and utensils, ensuring hygiene and food safety.


6. Agriculture: Stainless steel components are used in agricultural machinery and equipment due to their ability to withstand outdoor elements and corrosive conditions.


7. Ship Components: Stainless steel's corrosion resistance is vital for shipbuilding applications, including hulls, decks, and marine equipment.


8. Food and Beverage Packaging: Stainless steel is utilized in the packaging industry for its durability and hygienic properties, ensuring the integrity of food and beverage products.


9. Kitchen Supplies: Stainless steel kitchenware, such as cookware, cutlery, and sinks, are popular due to their longevity, easy maintenance, and elegant appearance.


10. Transportation: Stainless steel is employed in trains, aircraft, vehicles, and conveyor belts for its strength-to-weight ratio and resistance to weathering and abrasion.


11. Fasteners: Stainless steel bolts, nuts, and springs are widely used in various industries due to their corrosion resistance and reliability.


12. Screen Mesh: Stainless steel screen mesh is employed in filtration, sieving, and separation processes due to its durability and precise aperture sizes.


Our warehouse

10mm Thick Hot Rolled Stainless Steel Sheet No1 SUS304 4x8 Steel Plate 2

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Q1. About whether we are a factory?
A1. Foshan Sewaly Steel Co.,Ltd is an enterprise group specializing in the production of stainless steel. It has professional experience in producing stainless steel. It has its own factory for nearly 12 years and has more than 100 professional and technical workers. Welcome to visit our factory at any time.


Q2. What are the main products of Sewaly Stee?
A2.Sewaly Stee's main products include stainless steel coils, stainless steel sheets, stainless steel tubes, stainless steel rods, stainless steel wires and stainless steel products.


Q3. How do you guarantee your product quality?
A3. All products must go through three inspections throughout the manufacturing process, including production, cutting and packaging.


Q4. What is your delivery time and supply capacity?
A4. Delivery time is usually within 3~20 working days, we can supply about 15,000 tons per month.


Q5. What kind of equipment does your factory have?
A5. Our factory has advanced five-eight-high rolling, cold-rolling upper-roll production equipment, advanced processing and testing equipment, which make our products higher quality and more efficient.


Q6. How do you deal with after-sales service such as complaints and quality problems?
A6. We will have specific colleagues to track each order accordingly and provide professional after-sales service. In case of any claim, we will take responsibility and compensate according to the contract. In order to serve our customers better, we will keep track of customer feedback on our products, this is what differentiates us from other suppliers. We are a customer care business.


Q7. How can we trust you as the first customer?
A7. We always welcome you to visit our factory in China at any time with your purchase order. We also provide various certificates to prove that our products meet your requirements. At the same time, we also have Alibaba website to support Ali credit insurance orders.

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